There are two presentation options available: 1) On-site presentation & 2) Virtual presentation

On-site presentation

You will have a 13-minute time slot for your presentation (10 Minutes for Presentation and 3 Minutes for Q&A). You will not be able to extend your time if you have technical problems during your talk. A technical assistant will be on hand for equipment problems and operating the computer, however, the computer will be also operated by the presenter himself.

Prepare your presentation in a single PowerPoint file to run on a Windows-compatible computer with Microsoft Office 2007-2010 or Adobe PDF file. This program will run PowerPoint 2010 and all previous versions of PowerPoint. Save your file as a normal PowerPoint file (.ppt or pptx). Do not save your file as a PowerPoint Show (.pps) file.

All presentations must run on the Windows operating system. Conference computers will run on Windows 10. If at all possible, please create your presentation on the same version of Windows or at least test it on Windows 10 before submitting it. Otherwise, errors may occur in your presentation at the conference.

Presentations must be submitted via EDAS. Please name your file with the paper code number and the last name of the first author. (Note: Paper code number including the day and time information will be available on the conference website). Having the presentation files loaded in advance will help to ensure that the sessions run on schedule without delays.

Bring one extra copy of your presentation to the conference on a USB media storage device. This copy is to be used as a backup by you and the session technician if needed.

Conference organizers will load all presentations on conference computers. Presenters will be allowed to use their laptop computers.

All presenters will be allowed to check their presentations on-site, before their presentation time. There will be a preview room available and presentations may be viewed in the appropriate session room during breaks. Please consult the registration desk staff for instructions on where to load your file.

VCR, overhead projector, or slide carrousel projector is not standard equipment in the lecture room, and will NOT be available.

For any query regarding oral session contact the Technical Support Team at Technical Desk.


Virtual presentation

Presenters choosing for virtual attendance option are required to follow the following guidelines :

  • You have to prepare a 10-minute video presentation, which could be a direct shot of the presenter and the slides, OR voice-over PowerPoint with webcam view of the presenter (similar to Zoom / GMeet / Loom), OR a combination of other creative presentation methods.
  • The presenter should be in the virtual meeting during his/her session, in which the video presentation will be played by the moderator, followed by a 3-minute Q&A.
  • Video resolution must at least be 720p.
  • All information such as the title of your paper, the author’s name, affiliation and your photo must appear on the first slide of your presentation.
  • Your presentation slides must be in PowerPoint or equivalent.
  • Please submit your presentation file (PowerPoint or other universal format) and the video presentation via EDAS.